WP1: Visual Tracking and Feature Extraction

  • T1.1: Detection and tracking of the visual articulators in SL video.
  • T1.2: Extraction of visual features of tracked articulators.

WP2: Machine Learning for GSL Recognition

  • T2.1: Articulation and GSL subunit recognition.
  • T2.2: Fusion for GSL recognition.

WP3:Training Data and Language Model

  • T3.1: GSL corpora harvesting and collection.
  • T3.2: Evaluation language material organization.
  • T3.3: Linguistic model for GSL recognition.

WP4: Human-Computer Interface

  • T4.1: Human-computer interface design.
  • T4.2: Dialog management component.

WP5: System Implementation and Evaluation

  • T5.1: System architecture definition and system implementation.
  • T5.2: System evaluation.

WP6: Project Publicity, Dissemination, and Exploitation

  • T6.1: Project publicity and dissemination.
  • T6.2: Project exploitation plan.

WP7: Project Management